Struggling through the help system

I am just beginning with JUCE and I have had difficulty correlating my experience with the learning resources on the website.

The first thing I notice, for example, is it says “The first time you launch the Projucer, you are presented with the new project wizard. (You can also launch the wizard later by selecting New Project… from the Projucer’s main menu.)”.

Assuming by the “main menu” it means the “New Project…” item from the File menu, this is not what I see. I see a column of collapsible menus.

The tutorial I am trying to follow “Create a basic Audio/MIDI plugin” says I should select “Audio Plug-In”. I don’t have that option.

How can I get to the project wizard?

That changed in JUCE 6 a lot indeed. It is still a wizzard, but it doesn’t start with the 6 buttons any longer, but instead with a list of project types with sub entries.

The entry you are looking for is “Plug-In” -> “Basic”.

The JUCE team will hopefully update the tutorials to match the new Projucer screen.

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