Studio One 4.6 VST2->VST3 replaced plugin can't read automation

I updated my older (4.0.0) juce plugin to the current tip (juce 6 / develop 13/08/2020)

Enabled macros

I saved a StudioOne Project with my old (juce 4) VST2 plugin including automation.

-> when i open the project again, with my new version of the plugin

The new (juce 6) (automatically with VST3 replaced) plugin can’t read the old automation! (only newly written)

The new (juce 6) VST2 plugin can read the automation without problems.

What could be the reason?

The check above was done on Windows, i cross-checked with Cubase on Mac, where the automatically replaced plugin (VST2 to VST3) could read its (old) automation.

Does anybody experienced the same problem too with StudioOne, as described above?

Here is what its looks like, the automation data is there, but somehow detached from the plugin, it looks disabled, but it’s not possible to enable it (It stays grey)

The state data will be reconstructed, but the parameter IDs from the vst2 automation can somehow not assigned to the vst3 plugin

And here is where the plugin ( I think ) transmits the parameter meta data to the host.
It looks correct to me?! Any hints why StudioOne can’t link the old VST2 parameter automation to the new VST3 plugin?
Or is it a bug?

If I now write new automation data, for Band 3 Gain, the old one stays inactive, and a extra bar will be added:

Just received following information from someone nice person at presonus:

This is an issue in Studio One, and it will (hopefully) fixed in the future.

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