Subversion externals

We,d like to integrate the juce subversion repository into our own subversion repo and i know this is possible by setting up a directory with an external to the juce repo but will it then still be possible to make any changes to the juce source code?

Any Subversion guru,s here?

no you can’t have a repository with different repos inside. they still live in 2 worlds. but you can:

  1. make the juce source (without .svn informations) in your repos, then you will " svn export https://juce myrepos/lib/juce" so you will export the latest changes (without svn info) over your juce directory in your project, then check in your repository.

  2. “svn co https://juce myrepos/lib/juce” with directory “lib” unversioned in your repository or you will mix ups and that’s bad. so you will write a script which will keep in sync the 2 repos.

  3. work with symbolic linking (ln) but that’s just a mess to set it up.

in any case the 2 repository will be seen as separated cause you cannot have a directory to be part of a repository, and another… (.svn metadata belongs to one repository only)

It would be possible to switch in the JUCE svn, wouldn’t it? I’m not very svn-savvy but switching allows you to specify the repo url, so it should work ?

yeah sure ! but no way to have 2 different repositories and fake svn to behaves like it is only one (child external repositories won’t be implemented i think)…