Suggested change for AAX Wrapper - ChannelConfigurations

Because of specific needs, how different hosts handle the preferred channel configuration, i need to define other possible channel-configurations for AAX-Plugins (there is no other way).  This change does not break any code, its transparent and makes my life a lot easier ;-)

Could you please apply this change to the AAX-Wrapper getPlugInDescription-Function 


const short channelConfigs[][2] = { JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations };


 #ifdef JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations_AAX

 const short channelConfigs[][2] = { JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations_AAX };


 const short channelConfigs[][2] = { JucePlugin_PreferredChannelConfigurations };


It's a bit yucky, but I can't think of a better alternative if you really need to do this, so will add that!

To give more reasons for this,  my problem is that different hosts, like cubase choose the right configuration from the all possible configurations. 

Also, i had to define any possible configuration, because of a specific issue with SONAR and sidechain inputs and the way the JUCE-Wrapper handles when a plugin has more inputs than outputs.

But ProTools let the user choose which is the best configuration, which causes that there are 6 differents plugins-versions of my plugin in the plugin-chooser.

Thats why i have to define a extra-set of channel configurations for AAX only. This change is optional and won't change any existing functionality.




Ahh, i see you answered, before i had written my last post. Thank you very much!