Suggestion: enable INTERNAL plugin hosting WITHIN a plugin

I have written an AU plugin using your wrapper and framework.
this plugin needs to be able to host internally other plugins - in my case at the moment - just VST. Problem is that currently the plugin hosting code seems to assume that it resides inside a JUCE APPLICATION and not a plugin. I reckon it would be a relatively minor thing to make plugin hosting available WITHIN plugins created in JUCE.

My code for hosting plugins works fine when i test using the StandaloneFilterwindow ( since it uses JUCEApp ) but there is a crash when running my plugin as a pure AU plugin in other environments.

The problem is that the juce_VSTpluginformst.cpp code has a VST callback which makes a call to JUCEApplication::getInstance() in order to get details for handleGeneralCallback() in the following line:

case audioMasterGetProductString:
->getApplicationName().copyToBuffer ((char*) ptr, jmin (kVstMaxVendorStrLen, kVstMaxProductStrLen) - 1);

for the time being i plan to just code this out and replace it with code to patch this out.

check the forum, I remember there was some posts about this.
(i.e hosting plugin in another plugin)

I long ago changed that audioMasterGetProductString code to avoid the crash when there’s no app object - try it with the SVN tip.

excellent. thx for the prompt reply - ill take a look at the tip.

Hi, is this still a thing?
I searched the forum and could not find much for “Plugin that hosts plugins”

I have something that works - basically taking the Audio Plugin Host in the extras and just wrapping the plugin graph in a plugin processor (instead using the device IO callbacks), and the MainHostWondow is actually the plugin editor,
pretty neat, but i still have issues with the “Audio Input” and “Audio Output” buffers - could not make it show/process more than 2 inputs/outputs channels.