SVG drawing issue

The following SVG do not display correctly in the SVG Path Converter of the Projucer

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<svg xmlns="" width="255" height="240" viewBox="0 0 51 48">
<title>Five Pointed Star</title>
<path fill="none" stroke="#000" d="m25,1 6,17h18l-14,11 5,17-15-10-15,10 5-17-14-11h18z"/>

Using latest develop trunk.

Bug in SVG code ?

Thanks !

Looks like SVG is very broken right now


looks very weird

The only issues I can see is that the SVG path converter is always filling the path and closing sub-paths. I’ll add some options to the window that let you toggle these options on/off.

Would be great if the resulting C++ code uses those option as well.

Thanks !

The fact that the path is closed should be retrieved from the SVG not something that is added by the SVG path converter, no ?

Good addition but the issue is still there
Another “star”

<svg xmlns="">
<path  d="
M 240.000 260.000
L 263.511 272.361
L 259.021 246.180
L 278.042 227.639
L 251.756 223.820
L 240.000 200.000
L 228.244 223.820
L 201.958 227.639
L 220.979 246.180
L 216.489 272.361
L 240.000 260.000

This is what I’m seeing, is that not correct?

If you only copy starting at M it indeed works
but try copying the whole SVG text it will fail

Well, yes. It says at the top “Paste an SVG path string into the top box”. The text input field expects just a path string but if you drag and drop the SVG file onto the window it should be parsed correctly.

I see.
Some kind of warning would be welcomed :slight_smile:

Thanks !

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