Text shift breaking change also on Windows?

so after updating an old plugin to Juce 6.1.2, I am going through the list of “breaking changes” (very glad that file is there now, it’s very useful!).
One of the things in there is this:

Version 5.4.5

The alignment of text rendered on macOS using CoreGraphics may have shifted
slightly, depending on the font you have used. The default macOS font has
shifted downwards.

Possible Issues
Meticulously aligned text components of a GUI may now be misaligned.

Use a custom LookAndFeel to change the location where text is drawn, or use a
different font that matches the previous alignment of your original font.

This was an unintentional change resulting from moving away from a deprecated
macOS text API. The new alignment is consistent with other rendering engines
(web browsers and text editors) and the software renderer.

I was just checking if this has any effect on my plugin, and noticed that is only when a text edit box goes into edit mode that I see a 1 pixel shift downwards.
That is not a big issue at all for me, but then I noticed that the same thing is happening on Windows, which I find quite strange. Below is what I’m seeing.

Is this supposed to happen? (from what I read, this should be a macOS thing only right? or did more change in the text placements in general?)