TextButton and non latin text support

Hi Jules,


I am wondering whether the default juce TextButton should use TextLayout in order to handle correctly non latin character display.


What do you think ?



Same thing in PopupMenu :)

There's a good argument for that, but if I changed it, then there's a high likelihood that people's carefully positioned button text would get moved slightly due to the OS layout routines making slightly different choices.

So far I have modified my custom LnF to support this.

Maybe the future juce_LookAndFeel_V4.h can do it as well and it won't break the compatiblity :)

This is quite related as well to my previous request regarding height limiting because otherwise you can have some weird text display when the text is too long.


When you got some time :D


Thanks !

Yeah, it could well be something that can go into the next L+F update.