About drawText, TextLayout and japanese text display

Hi guys,


I'm trying to get some rationale regarding the best way to handle some japanese text display in my app.

In my case, a file browser which show the user hard drive content.


I was using Graphics::drawText but it wasn't displaying correctly japanese text but If I use a dedicated TextLayout then it works fine.


What is best way to support Japanese text display ?



Bumping! Any best practices or more experience here? Clearly Jules has thought about this but I'm having trouble finding The JUCE Way to do it. 

If I make a file named 中岡 将二郎, it shows up with the wrong characters in the Juce Demo file browser dialog. However, I can cut and paste these wrong characters from the Juce dialog into another Mac app such as TextEdit, and there they display correctly. 

In general, Mac OS apps such as TextEdit, the Finder, and XCode can correctly display a UTF-8 encoded string whether the individual characters are in Russian, Chinese or what have you. The Windows Explorer and some Windows apps will do the same thing.

So, is there a JUCE way to get this functionality across operating systems? If there is not, please consider this a feature request!

LIkewise with Hebrew and RTL issues...

You need to use TextLayout with a system font (as opposed to a custom font loaded from a file on the HD) and it will fallback to another system font with the right glyph when it's not available in your current font.