TextEditor Scrollbar Colours

Hi Jules, sorry if I’ve missed something obvious here but I need to change the colours for the scrollbar on a TextEditor but there doesn’t seem to be a way to access them. I’ve looked at LookAndFeel but the drawScrollbar and drawScrollbarButton methods seem geared for a different type of customization. Would it be reasonable to allow access to the TextEditor’s scrollbars or do you have a recommended way to accomplish this?


Well if LookAndFeel::drawScrollBar() passed ‘true’ to findColour() then you could set the scrollbar colors on the text editor instead (I think).


Yes, fair point.

Or just create a lookandfeel, set the colours in it, and set that as the TextEditor’s l+f (or it’s parent’s l+f, or the default l+f, etc)

Ah sorry, LookAndFeel::setColour would be the obvious part that I missed. Thanks.