Thoughts on sliders

Just in JUCE. A few layers of radial fills and circles really … the trick was to rough it up in photoshop to get an idea of the steps, though maybe now this would be easy enough to do by just using some instant feedback in projucer.


Really cool stuff @jimc

I keep meaning to take some time to work on my JUCE drawing skills.

Would be cool to see a few more tutorials from the JUCE team or the community demonstrating some more advanced drawing techniques. Like the use of radial fills etc.

Maybe it’s time to brush up on my adobe skills and see if I can translate.

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Let me see if i can do a simple demo version of those knobs if I get a minute, one that isn’t tied into much other complexity. Would be fun to do a whole 3d look and feel class if i had time … but unlikely :wink:


HI there,
your screenshots have been really inspirational! - here’s some first shots at making my own knobs.

Shadow is still a few circles drawn with a very translucent color (see this post Efficients Drop shadows for non opaque components)
Next step will be to have a path with the shape of the shadow and cache that, scaling it as needed in lookandfeel::drawrotaryslider

Thanks again for the inspiration !!!


Those are looking great!!

All entirely in JUCE? Amazing. I’m a student, this blows me away. Leagues beyond what I know. I can’t wait to be able to hopefully make interfaces anywhere near this good.