Threading, thread safety, locking. atomics etc


Looks like i need to learn a bunch of this stuff, especially in relation to audio DSP. Can anyone recommend resources? I don’t mind paying for a book or 2 even.



thank you very much!!  that'll keep me busy for a bit :D


Timur's talk at cppcon introduced some of the problems involved pretty well...


yeah, that's why i asked the question :)

Thanks Timur!  


There's the 'atomic weapons' talk by Herb Sutter as well, if you've not seen that.  


ah cheers, yeah will def check it!


You should check out the book C++ Concurrency in Action by Anthony Williams. I just started reading it and it seems to be a very good book with clear explanations. I'm really enjoying it. It covers all of this stuff, and uses the C++ 11 standard. It'll probably be the best resource for learning all of this. 


Another great talk by Herb Sutter specifically on writing lock-free structures: "Lock-Free Programming (or, Juggling Razorblades)"