Tip vs Jucer


I’m working on a Pro Tools plug-in (RTAS and AudioSuite). I’ve git’d the current tip in order to try out the fix for allowing the host to get keyboard events that the plug doesn’t want. Looking forward to trying that out.

However, my GUI is Jucer-generated and I see that the brush classes are gone as of Nov of last year. Yet the Jucer generates code that uses them, e.g. GradientBrush. It looks like I need to hand edit the Jucer output to replace the brush code with Graphics methods?

It’s not clear to me yet how much Jucer code breaks in the current tip, but is there a release note anywhere that summarizes those incompatibilities? I see from one post that I need to use Graphics::setGradient instead of GradientBrush, e.g. What is the recommended approach to using the existing Jucer with the latest build of Juce?



If you build the jucer from the tip code, it’ll produce code that’s compatible with the tip.