Toolbar in projucer?

Hi all,

Haven’t used juce in years now, having a look at the current version and I am wondering how to make an application menubar in the projucer graphically (eg “File”, “Edit”, “View”, etc ontop of your main window)…

I’m sure it must be somewhere but my eyes seem to miss it… :wink:
Any help ?


Are you attempting to do this using the Projucer’s GUI editor? It’s possible to add simple Components using it but adding a menu bar to an application is a little more complex - take a look at the ‘Tabs & Widgets’ section of the JUCE demo to see how to do this.


Thanks for replying,
I have made a large juce based project a few years ago,
I can create a menu by handcoding the components etc… (Just got to get back up to speed after 4 years…)

So basically what you’re saying is that there is no graphical way to create a menu bar in the projucer gui editor ?
So I will have to hand code it ?

Thanks again,

Yes, you’ll need to hand code it. The GUI editor can be useful for static, simple apps but you’re much better off writing the code yourself - we don’t actively support the GUI editor anymore and only really keep it around for legacy reasons.


I thought that during my absence Jules developed the GUI lot…

Well, back to handcoding classes :slight_smile:

Thanks again

We are currently discussing ways of improving GUI design and layout but it won’t involve the GUI editor