Tooltip noisy assert

Hi !

When my software create very big tooltip
it throw some noisy jlimit assertion at juce_TooltipWindow.cpp line 100.

 jassert (lowerLimit <= upperLimit); // if these are in the wrong order, results are unpredictable..[/code]

Reproduced with last Juce version built with Visual Studio 2010.
Running on Window 7 64bit with dual screen configuration with possible negative screen coordinate.

To correct this issue i've changed the following code:
[code]    x = jlimit (parentArea.getX(), parentArea.getRight()  - w, x);
    y = jlimit (parentArea.getY(), parentArea.getBottom() - h, y);

By this one:

[code] int lowLimit = parentArea.getX();
int highLimit = parentArea.getRight() - w;
if (highLimit < lowLimit)
std::swap (lowLimit, highLimit);
x = jlimit (lowLimit, highLimit, x);

lowLimit = parentArea.getY();
highLimit = parentArea.getBottom() - h;
if (highLimit < lowLimit)
  std::swap (lowLimit, highLimit);
y = jlimit (lowLimit, highLimit, y);[/code]

Hope this can help.

Thanks in advance for your concern about this issue.

Thanks Alex, I’ve tidied that up now, so it shouldn’t bother you again.

Your nicer fix solves my problem perfectly.

Thanks again for your reactivity.