Tracktion drag & drop to plugins

Hi Jules,

we have a plugin that allows drag and drop of audio files for analysis. As Tracktion uses its own Drag and Drop (I assume DragAndDropContainer and DragAndDropTarget) this won’t work from Tracktion’s files browser or audio clips directly.

I’m not sure whether this might work at all but would it be possible to allow drag & drop of audio items to plugins?


It does respond to file drag-and-drop, so you can drop things like a midi or audio file.

We’d like to have drag and drop of items from Tracktion (Files browser or maybe even audio clips from inside the sequencer) to our plugins, not to Tracktion.

Oh, I see. Doesn't that work for some things if you drag the item beyond the edges of the main tracktion window?

At least on Windows I always see the DragAndDropContainer image and it is not possible to copy a file from Tracktion (the “Files” browser on the left) to a Windows Explorer window.

I just noticed that moving audio-clips inside the sequencer window isn’t done using DragAndDropContainer so this is mainly about dragging files from the browser onto plugins.