Trouble packaging my VST using Inno Setup

I tried to follow this tutorial to create an installer for my VST plugin on Windows:

My script looks something like this:


Source: "PluginName.dll"; DestDir: "{app}\VSTPlugins"
Source: "PluginData.bin"; DestDir: "{commonappdata}\CompanyName\PluginName"

Both the .dll and .bin files are located in the same folder as the .iss script.
When I run compile, it compresses the entire archive and pops up the dialog:

Compiler Error:
Resource update error: File isn't an EXE file (1)

Has anyone seen this error before? For the life of me I can’t seem to figure it out!

It seems that the error was due to Norton identifying the generated .exe as a virus and deleting it immediately upon creation. After deactivating Norton I can compile the installer without problems!

(I also corrected the faulty paths in my script above)