.TS files, what are they, and how to convert them?

Not a JUCE question but addressing the audio experts here.

I have recently been given a .TS file containing a recording, and I wished to convert it to a more popular format like .mp3 or .ogg for example.

It’s the first time I encounter a .TS file and I didn’t even know they existed, however VLC seems able to play it correctly and it contains the actual recording. The problem is, when I try to convert it in MP3 with VLC, the result is much bigger in size than the original file.

Am I using the wrong tool? Ideas?

Seems to be a streaming type:

Maybe VLC was actually downloading the stream, which would explain the sudden increase of data?
Or it was just very well compressed…

I remember having seen that type when ripping DVDs a long time ago…

Good point, I assumed it contained the whole recording because the file is several megabytes, but to confirm my assumption I have now opened it with the computer offline, and it plays its content as expected.