Tutorial - Create a Basic Plugin - Part 1 - Plugin Formats missing?

At Create an audio plug-in project with the Projucer

In this tutorial we are creating a VST plug-in, so make sure that the VST setting is ticked in the “Plugin Formats” field. Then tick Plugin MIDI input and Plugin MIDI output in the “Plugin Characteristics” field below.

It seems like this is obsolete now since the VST2 changes? The screenshot is missing and I cannot find “Plugin Characteristics” like I had in the previous version.

See; https://docs.juce.com/master/tutorial_create_projucer_basic_plugin.html

EDIT; In other words I get the image below when running the generated app with the latest version of the projucier / juce-5.4.1.

I am not sure what you mean by the screenshot? That is the plugin template project default GUI. (Running as a stand alone application, though.) If you built and loaded it in a host as a plugin, it would look almost the same. (The “Audio input is muted…” thing wouldn’t appear with that.)

Ah, ok my dyslexia must be kicking in, I was trying to figure out the paragraph of “building the editor”.

So I guess the screenshot shows my ignorance ATM. :slight_smile:

What confused me is there are no ins and outs, that is actually the point of this thread in that Projuicer changed and there was no selection for the “has midi input” etc.

So as I was completing the step and ran the app, it was not setup looking like Roli’s screenshot on that page.

The Projucer 5.4.1 I’ve built from source has the “Plugin characteristics” and “Plugin formats” sections like before. Are you looking in the wrong place?

Obviously I am. :slight_smile: Where is that? I found it 2 days ago, this is too funny.

Ah man I feel like a total idiot, yeah, yeah the gear… Sorry about that.

But it does lead to maybe this thread could show Roli why a screen shot reminding people where that gear is would be good for that section, just my humble opinion.

The project global properties opens from the purple gear wheel icon to the right of the project name.

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Brain turned on right before you posted, thanks for your time though!

This thread enforces my view that the Projucer could do with some serious UX improvements. The gear icon for the project settings isn’t too obvious (as demonstrated in this thread), the live build icon also looks like a settings/configuration icon, the tab with the folder icon also contains a lot of setting and configurations for projects!

It’d be nice to have all settings/configurations under one settings menu, then all files and module selection under a separate menu.

I’m also not a fan of the accordion menu in the files tab but now I’m just being picky! :joy: