Where are the Projucer "Configuration Settings" the tutorials mention?

The tutorial says:

Create an audio plug-in project with the Projucer

In the Projucer’s configuration settings for the new project, you can change project settings, such as which plug-in types you wish to export and whether the plug-in receives or produces MIDI notes (amongst many other things). You can change these settings at any time.

In this tutorial we are creating a VST3 plug-in, so make sure that the VST3 setting is ticked in the “Plugin Formats” field. Then tick Plugin MIDI input and Plugin MIDI output in the “Plugin Characteristics” field below.

On the left, under the “New Project” tab, I see application with 6 subheadings; Plug-In with one subheading, and Library with two. There’s a button for “Open Existing Project.”

On the right, under “Basic”, I only see: Project Name, Modules, Path to Modules, Exporters, and File Creation Options with default (Processor and Editor.)

Most menus are greyed out (unsensitive) and the few that aren’t don’t seem to be helpful. I feel I’ve looked everywhere.

Settings are available only once the project created.

In the picture the cursor is on the related button.

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