Two apps from one project

Hi. I kindly ask for some help in a pretty strange situation. I need to have two products built from a single project. One is a standalone app (host) and the other is a pugin. They do share some code and for that reason I need them to be in the same project. How does one accomplish this? I'm open to any suggestion as long as it doesnt mean copying files between the two projects. Thanks for you input!

Currently the only way to do this is with two introjucer projects, which isn't ideal, but I'm actually doing the same thing myself in a project at the moment and haven't found it too much trouble to manage.

I did the same as Jules suggests. There is a 2 channel, a multichannel and a standalone project for my loudness metering plugin. They all share the source files of the 2 channel plugin (LUFSMeter/Source). -> projects

You might want to take a look. 

Thank you both for your advice. Tried how you suggested and seams fine.

I was just wondering the same thing.  I need an instrument and effect version of the same plugin.  I was presuming some kind of sed script to adapt the first introducer configuration and automatically build the second would be the easiest solution.

PS. Samuel, well done on being able to understand the loudness metering standards ... left me scratching my head for a couple of evenings before giving up and doing something easier :)

Could a "Import file-tree from Introducer-Project" function be something to wish for? Where you could select the files to import etc to make the creation/setup of a new Project faster

Edit: I just realized you could actually drag and drop between projects.. Nevermind ;)

It doesn't fix mine because I need to keep them in sync.  It's not a one off import..