Two different provisioning profiles in Projucer

I would like to use two different provisioning profiles in my synth plugin project:
- first one for AUv3
- second one for all other targets

I need this because the bundle identifier for AUv3 is different.

When I set PROVISIONING_PROFILE_SPECIFIER = << My First Profile >> in custom xcode flags then it is being used for all targets. I haven’t found a way to set a second profile specifically for AUv3 target.

Is this possible in Projucer?


EDIT: Or maybe I don’t need to separately build/export AUv3 if it is already bundled inside the standalone APP?

EDIT: Or maybe I don’t need the Standalone app if it is bundled inside the AUv3 target?

Alright, I found a solution.

  1. AUv3 extension is bundled inside the Standalone app so I need to distribute only the app.
  2. I don’t set any provisioning profile in Projucer.
  3. In Projucer I set only my Development Team ID:
  4. Then after I Archive the Standalone project I choose to distribute it with Developer ID:
  5. Then I upload it to Apple for notarization:
  6. Then XCode detects that something is not right with my signing and allows me to manually fix it:
  7. … and then finally it allows me to select the two different provisioning profiles for my app and appex:

After this everything else goes smoothly and my app get successfully notarized!

Hope this helps someone with the same issue.