I am looking for component that is like text editor to which a drop down or drop up list / menu appears when the user starts typing.

The contents are set at the beginning and can be re-set during the life of the component.

It should act as much as possible like the search box of Chrome or Mozilla.

Is there anything already available about like this?

I implemented something similar using a TextEditor and a ListBox… subclass from TextEditorListener and respond to textEditorTextChanged() – when the text in the TextEditor changes update the ListBox contents.


I was thinking of doing the same and a Popup Menu, or use a Modified Combobox....but I will look into Listbox too thank you,


Would any of you like to share your implementations of this? I'm working on something similar and I'm really curious to see how others would do this.

My goal is to have a search box that will perform fuzzy (approximate) string matching and fill a dynamically sized list below it with relevant content. I have this working pretty much hour I want, but there a few things I'm not really sure about. For instance, I'm not really sure how I should resize the FuzzySearchBox (which is the Component that contains the TextEditor and ListBox) and set the bounds and what not. Right now I'm kind of thinking that I can use a Rectangle called something like targetBounds that will basically just be the bounds of the first "row", which is really just a text editor and the ListBox will be below that So that'll be the target bounds of the FuzzySearchBox when the ListBox is empty and isn't visible. Then I'm thinking I could have an option for a max number of rows visible, so that's how I would set the max height of the FuzzySearchBox. I'm thinking about doing it this way because I don't want some weird resizing issues when calling setBounds() in resized() or anything. I'm probably not making any sense at all, but I would love to see how other people are handling something similar to this. 

If I do come up with an implementation that I'm really happy with, I'll be sure to share it on here. I'm a big believer of sharing and helping people, yet I haven't had anything really useful to share. I think a good fuzzy searching tool (fit things like opening files, executing commands, etc.) could be really useful to many so I hope to get that out. I also think that just the GUI side of things could be useful too. Idk, we'll see.