UI issue

Hi Jules,

I’ve updated to the latest tip and I’m seeing two issues.

  1. I see some flicker in the selection of the Demo menu (using or not native title bar) of the Juce Demo.
    The tick part and the text part highlighting changes are desynchronized.

Weirdly this doesn’t happen in the Look and feel menu

  1. The WebBrowser header display seems broken as well and I got some leak when exiting the application while it is displayed.


Thanks - I’m still tweaking some Windows rendering code.

The web-browser should be ok now.

I think the tearing when repainting is probably just an artifact of the order in which the OS sends out the repaint calls, I don’t think that’s anything new. While it’s drawing the menu, you’ll see it’s also continuously repainting the area behind it, and that’s where the “split” is. Don’t think there’s anything I can do about that.

The weird thing about the tearing is that it only happens on the Demo menu but not the Look-and_feel menu.
This doesn’t happen with the GL renderer FWIW.

Web stuff is indeed fixed.


Yeah, like I said, it’s tearing along the edge of the background area which is being repainted behind the menu while it’s open.