Unity Plugin, Mobile Build Support

Unity Native plugin support (as detailed here is an awesome feature! Thank you JUCE team!!

Currently though, it’s only supported on Desktop Standalone builds with Unity. Would be awesome to be able to seamlessly build Mobile games with Unity using Juce as an integrated audio backend.


+1 on that!
Mobile games is huge, and not being able to use Juce Plugins for mobile, means I can’t use it on a lot projects! Especially with Apple Arcade being the big money giver right now, most indie game deves are targeting mobile too.

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How does Helm do it? That’s made with JUCE.

Guessing “manually”.

In the next 3 months I am working on this to see what actually needs to happen. So Helm being brought up is a good point, it’s not majic just a bunch of boiler plate things that need to be hooked up.

I can imagine if JUCE could get this into the build system, more users might come to JUCE since Android is getting more mature after 100 years of dev. :wink:

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I’m interested, if you can keep me posted I’d like to use juce in a mobile unity game. The Helm guy is super nice and responsive, worked through some iOS bugs with him.

I do Unity/Plugin as well(for some time), so that is on my radar.

Matt, yeah I agree but I need to figure this stuff out. I have been playing with JUCE for years, but now it’s time I get some of my Android apps ported to a new runtime and I have a audio visualizer in Unity I want a custom sequencer/synth engine for.

Having read the Unity docs and experimented with DSP in C++ using their API, I am pretty sure I will be able to pull something together. The more complicated part is getting the Android stream setup.

In other words, I am going to do it blind, the way I have done other things, then see what it looks like.