Use DOM web coding in a VST, possible?

Just an idea I had…

I was inspired by MediaMonkey Media player, which uses (i think) headless chrome to render its UI, hence, it’s all codeable with html / css / js

I was considering the idea of a VST that could work as a music library but, obviously, within a host DAW. Not sure how much mileage such a thing would have, but maybe along the lines of Stanton’s ‘decadance’ plugin, for DJ sets and/or anything that would benefit from the abilities of a DAW.

So… is there any way to do this with JUCE?? I’m basically talking about loading a web browser within a plugin window (which, I believe is possible) but rather than having it load from a URL, for it to load from local files.

Mostly, it’s a personal ‘if only…’ since I find html / css / js a darn sight easier than C++ for UI rendering.

Would appreciate any general pointers or even resources I can check out that would point me in the right direction if such a thing is do-able.

Cheers :slight_smile: