Using PlugData with JUCE

Is there a way that I can use PlugData with JUCE?
I can export my PlugData Project to CPP.

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@timothyschoen may know! There’s also a happy and healthy community on the discord, click the link top right:


Yes, you can!

You need to export as C++, and then use the API defined here to interact with it: hvcc/docs/ at develop · Wasted-Audio/hvcc · GitHub

You’ll want to hook the “process()” function up to JUCE’s “processBlock” function, and then you can use functions like sendMessageToReceiver or sendFloatToReceiver to attach JUCE buttons and sliders to the [receive] objects in your patch. Good luck!


And for reference, in case more people want to combine JUCE with code generated by plugdata/Heavy, here is a template to help you get started:

You’ll have to replace the files in Source/HeavyFiles with the generated code. Then, you can modify the PluginEditor and ParamIds files to link your custom parameters.

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