New version now available!

Changes are:

  • added some more translation macros for various strings that were missing
  • translation files can now contain escaped characters, e.g. “\t” or “\n”
  • added a method to the QuickTimeMovieComponent to manually unload QT, as the automatic method it was using could interfere with other uses of QT in your app
  • on the mac, minimising windows now animates and properly minimises them rather than just hiding them
  • on the mac, hide/show application now works correctly
  • small fix to ComboBox/FilenameComponent
  • updated to include the latest versions of all 3rd party libraries - i.e. libjpeg, libpng and zlib, so lots of speed and security improvements there
  • added ImageFileFormat::writeImageToStream() method, currently supporting writing of JPEG and PNG files
  • fixed a bug in PopupMenus with a large number of items on them
  • fixed a mac audio cd reading bug that could mix up the track order
  • option for ComponentDragger to keep the entire thing on-screen

Have fun!


this is terrible !


i have no idea what kraken is thinking, but thanks for the update jules :slight_smile:


gr8 man, i’ll have to explore something next week !



Some Mac comments:

In the project settings (not target settings) for some reason “Mac OS X Deployment Target” is Mac OSX 10.3.9" so it won’t compile here since I got 10.4.3. I guess it should be fixed to compiler default.

I suspect that the compiled demo project for download is not using 1.19 since the Hide issue still exists. I think that the demo should include a minimize button so the functionality can be tested.

I will check later with my project if the Mac issues were fixed.



Oh yes, I was messing with the compile targets and mustn’t have reset it before I uploaded it. Ta.

And no, I didn’t recompile the demo binary that’s up there, but the hiding should be fine now if you recompile it yourself.


OK, minimize works great!

Hide/Show window works in the demo but my window is still not drawing when shown after being hidden. Any idea why? should I do something I forgot?

Another problem I found with Mac OSX (also in the juce demo) is that Command ` (the key above the tab key) is switching between the active application windows but it does not do so in juce windows. Should this be some code built in juce or should I do something to enable this?



Hiding seems to repaint ok on my machine, but maybe it needs some extra repaints adding… I’ll look into that. I’ll take a look at the window switching key too.


Looks nice, getting now. :slight_smile:

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