ValueTreeState without beeing a vst-parameter

Hi there,

using the ValueTreeState is really great. Having a saved connection between DSP and UI for a parameter and saving that value in a preset is just awesome. But now I would like to add some data to the ValueTreeState without beeing a vst-parameter.
For example, I am writing a trancegate with 8 steps and each step could have a value between 0.0f and 1.0f. I would like to save these values in my preset/project via the ValueTreeState, but I don’t want to have these as open vst parameters.
How can I do it? My idea is to create childs to the valueTree. That is not a problem for me. I know how to write and read data from it via ValueTree childs and properties. But how can I create a connection between the loaded value, the UI and DSP?
Generally there is the (for example) SliderAttachment which creates the connection. What is happening in there (without beeing too complicated)? Is there internaly a refered “Value” object? Or am I totally wrong?

Would nice to get some inspirations from you. :slight_smile:

Thanks T!

even if the trancegate’s steps are not supposed to be plugin parameters i would let the pluginProcessor own their values and only read and write from and to them on the editor side because the performance on the dsp side is most important. then you can just normally save or load children or properties from that valueTree in get- and setStateProperties