Working with non-parameter value states

Right now, I’m trying to store/load a string to/from the state. All examples I’ve come across use AudioParameter* type of values.
From what I’ve read you can store any Value in the ValueStateTree - hence the name.
I’m assuming the value has saved to the state, but I can’t find a way to read it.
I’ve tried looking for methods such as stateTree.state.getProperty("prop", defaultPropValue).toString(), String(stateTree.state.getProperty("prop", defaultPropValue)), stateTree.state.getString("prop", defaultPropValue).
Am I misusing the ValueStateTree?

We aggregate the AudioProcessorValueTreeState’s ValueTree with another containing non-parameter data.

ValueTree myPluginState;
myPluginState.addChild(...the one from the APVTS); 
myPluginState.addChild(...the one containing our other data);

This talk from David Rowland cleared a lot up for me

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