Variable font for a slider popup display

Hello Jules,
I need to assign a specific typeface and size to the text displayed by the popup display bubble components of sliders. These settings are currently hard coded into the Slider::PopupDisplayComponent class constructor.
Do you think you could please add a third parameter to the Slider::setPopupDisplayEnabled() method to specify the font to be used?
Is there a simpler way to do this that I cannot see?

Yeah, that could use a bit more flexibility. It should be in the lookandfeel, I guess.

Right, LookAndFeel is a better solution!

Hello Jules,
is there any chance you have some time to work on this?
I could work on it, but I’m pretty sure you would not find my solution acceptable. :slight_smile:

Actually, with the new AttributedString class, it might make more sense for the slider to return one of those instead of a plain string. Haven’t time to look at it right now though, sorry. Keep nagging me if I forget.

I’m all for this. I also needed multi-line text in the bubble so I hacked the code with this. So can this change be made or the AttributedString solution be implemented.

[code] void getContentSize (int& w, int& h)
String s = text;

	 h = (int) (font.getHeight() * 1.6f);
	 String	newLine = "\n";
	 if ( s.contains( newLine ) )
		 String tempString = s;
		 w = 0;
		 while ( tempString.contains( newLine ) )
			 String s2 = tempString.upToFirstOccurrenceOf ( newLine, false, true );
			 w = std::max( w, font.getStringWidth (s2) );
			 tempString = tempString.fromFirstOccurrenceOf (newLine, false, false );
			 h += (int) (font.getHeight() * 1.2f);

		 w = std::max( w, font.getStringWidth (tempString) );
		 w += 18;
		 w = font.getStringWidth (text) + 18;