VFLib: Significant Defects Found

In the process of working on Beast, I've been adding a lot of robust unit testing for the various classes which have been ported from VFLib. During this process I have found some pretty significant defects. I am suspicious of ThreadWithCallQueue, InterruptibleThread, ParallelFor, and ThreadGroup. I'm working on fixes, but I dont plan on backporting them into VFLib. I'm not sure how the fixes will play out. But they are definitely broken.


thanks for the warning !

is LuaBridge also affected? can we use it on a current juce project?

thanks in advance

Thanks for the warning.

Difficult to backport the fixes, or why do you plan not to bring them back into VFLib?

We're using some VFLib classes in a couple of projects, so it would be great to at least see warnings in the documentation for the affected classes so they can at least be avoided.

Many thanks for the warning Vinnie!

Would you recommended to switch from vflib to beast?