Video playback

I notice there are a few disparate video playback components, OS specific (excepting Linux which doesn't appear to have an implementation)

Why are they not all included under a "VideoPlayerComponent", and implemented underneath by the specific player?

Good question! I vaguely remember that originally they needed to be handled differently, but could indeed be converged into a single class. When I refactor it to remove the QuickTime stuff and replace it with AVFoundation, I'll also tidy-up the front-end classes and do this.

That would be wonderful!

I guess along the same lines, there isn't a Camera implementation for Linux, unless I missed it somehow.   If I have to implement a Linux version of the camera functionality, I'll send it to you for inclusion.

Thanks! I dread to imagine kinds of pain are required to support cameras in linux, so please let me know if you look into that one!

It's not so bad in fact, a bunch of calls to ioctl() (see the docs for video4linux2)