Virtual guitar fretboard midi player

Hello Jucy ones!
I have a friend who is building a website to teach guitar.
He is looking for a way to make videos of a virtual fretboard with light up guitar notes using a midi file with a channel for each string. He has the files. I could find a couple of guitar VST plugins ( “Orange Tree Samples” and “Ample Sound” ). They might do the job but I assume he runs into copyright issues. I found this thing which is open source that I could hack into possibly. Not sure I have the appetite for that right now but it’s not out of the question :wink: Is there another open source thing that is similar? Has anyone buily something like this? Perhaps they want to licence it to my friend? He wants to play 6 channel guitar midi files and record a video of them. I couldn’t find anything here. Let me know ! Sean

You can feed midi into my app from your DAW. it’ll display the notes and theory that goes with it.

feel free to send a PM.

Thanks Mat. Does it have a different midi channel for each guitar string?