Visual Studio 2019 CL.exe error

We want to compile our Software for Windows with Visual Studio. We have previously worked with VS 2017 (after maaaany days of work it was possible to compile the program).
Now we moved to another computer und tried to run the program with VS 2019, v 16.1, but there it’s not possible to run the program, the compiler exited with the following error:
CL.exe exited with exit code 2: MSB6006
until now It was not possible to fix this error, it’ll be nice to get any advice.

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How are you generating the project - using Projucer? I’m building with fresh installs of VS2017 and VS2019 without any issue at all.

@jrlanglois Yes, of course we use the Projucer. The Software compiles and runs on Mac OSX, Linux and with VS 2017

Based on winerror.h, an exit code 2 is ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND, which means “The system cannot find the file specified.”

So maybe Visual Studio cannot find the compiler, or the compiler cannot find something it depends on. Try repairing/reinstalling VS2019.

thats definitely not the case because it already compiled most of the software without problems and somewhere at the end this cryptic error occurs :confused:
any advice would be nice (:

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