Visualize graph?


Somebody has successfully implemented/bound a graph visualization library inside JUCE? I have various C data-mining algorithms that i would like to render in real-time. Any opinions and/or links are welcomed :wink:

Did you find anything on this?  I'm considering JUCE for scientific app development, to port a large codebase written in a home-grown openGL-based gui system and will need lots of graphing capabilities.  Presumably I can lift my existing openGL-based graph rendering and put it into my own subclass of a JUCE-window, but I'm also curious if others are using existing graphing libraries.

No, i didn’t find anything “out to the box”. I didn’t search more. Embed your own library as a juce_module is probably the way to go.

Would be great to have something similar to jfreechart in Juce.