VS 2022 not creating a debug exe file

I’m not sure if this is a JUCE step I’m missing, but when I clean and rebuild my solution and then open the solution in File Explorer, inside the Builds/VisualStudio2019/x64/Debug/App I just see a bunch of different file types and in the sub dirs just contain .tlogs (I know in the title I said VS2022 but it says in JUCE it’s VS2019 but then proceeds to open VS2022 - must be a path issue)…

I’ve double checked my config and that is supposed to be the output directory and correct file extension

I’m not getting any errors that affect compilation of the project but I am seeing this in the output window while it runs, though it seemingly has no affect on the application.

Exception thrown at 0x00007FFAF844CB69 (KernelBase.dll) in Application.exe: 0x8001010D: An outgoing call cannot be made since the application is dispatching an input-synchronous call.
onecore\com\combase\dcomrem\giptbl.cxx(1786)\combase.dll!00007FFAFA3EADD7: (caller: 00007FFAFA4153D8) ReturnHr(1) tid(76fc) 8000FFFF Catastrophic failure

Has anyone encountered this issue or have any potential solutions that would be great, thanks

The app launches but it’s not in your build folder? I’m not sure I’m getting this right.