VS2015 Exporter

Wasn't much to do at all...

Do note that, like VS2014, JUCE still kills the compiler. The new VS just isn't ready for JUCE!

Thanks! Yes, looks pretty straightforward, I'll roll that out!

I've not installed VC2014 yet, do you know what bit of code it's failing to cope with?

It's the same ol' thing from what was happening with VS2014: something about compiling line 477, in juce_Array.h, creates an internal compiler error.

Does it help if it's rewritten as two statements?

            while (--numberOfTimesToInsertIt >= 0)
                new (insertPos) ElementType (newElement);

...and do I see a typo there?

Yes, typo of course, but thanks - if it works then I guess I'll use that as a workaround. Is that the only error, because there are similar things in other places, e.g. line 438 ?

Yeah, I noticed line 438 as well... but that one error was the last of 'em!