VST GUI Freeze with JUCE 1.53

Hey jules,

I’m currently porting some existing JUCE plugins to compile on Linux, when I realized that, with JUCE 1.53, the VST GUI is not responsive.
I never had such issue with 1.52, so I’m guessing some new code is causing this (I’ll re-compile the plugins against 1.52 later to try to verify this)

The situation is this:

  • start renoise
  • open a vst plugin, gui works fine
  • open another vst, gui doesn’t work
  • add another vst, gui won’t work either

By “doesn’t work”, I mean the GUI doesn’t seem to be picking mouse/keyboard events.
Switching the renoise port values do update the plugin’s GUI though.

You can get the plugins using:

git clone git://distrho.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/distrho/distrho cd distrho/ports make
plugins will be placed in distrho/bin directory.

I’m using 64bit ArchLinux at the moment (but will try Ubuntu soon too)

Just verified with juce-152, still same issue.

I’ll try other things to see if I can get the reason for this

I’ve always relied on other people’s input for the linux plugin build, as I don’t have a set-up for that myself, so any clues/suggestions welcome!

Well, my first test was regarding window managers.
But they all behave the same - metacity, compiz and kwin tested.

I’ll keep doing more tests.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

After a few more testing, I found out that latest Ubuntu is ok.

This only happens when I compile JUCE with latest ArchLinux (only 64bit tested).
If I compile them somewhere else and use them in Arch, all is good again.

This is very weird, but since I need to compile the plugins on “old” setups (for compatibility), it’s not a big issue for me.

Any extra info I found out about this, I’ll let you know.

Maybe it’s a 64-bit issue?


I’ll install Arch on a VM to get a clean install so I can test this on 32bit