VST Installer?


I’m afraid the App Store or a simple DMG is pretty much it. I get the impression they want to encourage developers to have an App be the one do whatever is required say on first launch (not always possible for a plug-in). This way the App can ask for the correct permissions and be properly sandboxed, unlike a package which can run pretty much any arbitrary code it wants. When you think about sandboxing, system integrity protection, gatekeeper, etc. it seems to be the way they are going. However I just checked the iTunes installer and that’s still a pkg so as already said it’s probably not going to be dropped anytime soon, it may never be dropped but I certainly get the feeling that they want to move away from it.


Packages seems to update regularly enough for me. Not had any issues in Sierra or high Sierra.



It seems my installer for both Win and Mac doesn’t overwrite older plugin files sometimes.
I can’t reproduce this myself, but have received some issue reports.
I use packages for Mac, Inno setup for Win.

Has anyone run into the same problem?

Thank you.


In your Inno Setup script, you can add Flag: ignoreversion to your Source entries.

On Mac, there’s no equivalent flag that I’ve found, but I will say that the package installer framework itself is VERY sensitive to version numbers and dates. Get those right and you should be ok.


Thank you, I will check that flag in Inno setup.

On Mac, packages has pre/post script slots.
So I guess it could be possible to add script that deletes older files before installing newer one.
But I have’t figured out how to write those script yet.


A script that I use from within Packages to remove the previous version. Because the user can choose which plugin format to install, each one has his own script. Here’s an example for AAX:

# Author: Samuel Gaehwiler
#         www.klangfreund.com
# Description:
#   This script is used by the installer package.
#   Without this, the plugin files will keep their original creation (and even
#   modification) date when updated. This can lead to strange host behaviour
#   (For example the Pro Tools AAE error -7106).

folder="/Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins/LUFSMeter.aaxplugin"

if [ -e "$folder" ]
    rm -R "$folder"


Thank you!
It works.


Also, keep in mind that Packages has this setting shown in the image below, which you should probably check for all the binaries you want to install (plug-ins and apps)


Thanks for clarification on where to install. I was thinking you needed to install to both system and user folders after going through the Mac section of this tutorial: