How to wrap a VST plugin to make an installer

Hi people!

Once I’ve completed phase #1 in OSX, my plug-in works. Now, I am deeply lost about how to encapsulate the vst plugin and make an installer.
Can anybody help me giving me a little tutorial or some hyperlinks to start with?

Thank you!


Have a look at:

NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)



But NullSoft (That I do use it) is only for windows, isn’t it?
I mean in OSX environment.

Oops! I didn’t realize this was in the “Mac OS X and iOS” forum! I thought VSTs were Windows-specific (doesn’t Mac use “AU” or something?)

No problem!

No, VST is cross-platform, AU’s are Mac only. “Most” hosts will play with VST and AU’s on the Mac but Logic is only compatible with AU’s so most developers offer both on Mac.

I use packagemaker to build a .pkg file ($pkgfilename):

  • fill a directory containing the files that you want to install ( $pkgdir )

  • run packagemaker from the command line with something like:

    “/Developer/Applications/Utilities/” --root “$pkgdir” --out “$pkgfilename” --title “$title” --install-to “$install_root_directory” --version “1.0.0” --idcom.$yourcompany.$productname.pkg --target 10.4 -w

just fill out the correct values for $pkgdir $pkgfilename $title etc…

$install_root_dir is the folder where the content of your $pkgdir folder will be copied. For a installing single vst, it could be set to “/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST” and your the content of the $pkgdir directory would be a single “FooPlug.vst” bundle.

Or $install_root_dir could be set to “/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins” and $pkgdir would contain this folder hierarchy : VST/FooPlug.vst . That way , when you have an AudioUnit plugin, just add it in $pkgdir as Components/FooPlug.component , and your installer will install both plugins. Just be careful not to overwrite or destroy system files !

Thank you so much jpo. This is just what I need!