Package mac VST / AU

What’s the best way to package a mac VST / AU… With my standalone app it’s fine I just wrap it in a DMG with .app and link to the Apps folder to drag and drop into but with files below i’m not sure what needs to go where?


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The files need to go into /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/ and either Components, VST or VST3 appropriately.
There are a few options:

a) you could just have a DMG with the files and sym-links to the various destinations and have the user drag and drop them
b) use Packages to create a proper installer
c) create the proper installer yourself using the system tools (see this repo for an example of how to do that since there aren’t very many useful guides online)
d) roll your own installer (although you’ll run into lots of problems)

imo a) isn’t very professional, but would suffice, b) is easiest option, c) takes a little bit more effort, but worth it in the long rung and removes the dependency on Packages (which is really just a wrapper around the system tools), d) is just a bit weird for what is considered “normal” on macOS, and (again imo) is a bad idea unless you have some very explicit reason that can’t be solved with otherwise.

If you choose the (b) option above :