VST plugin VS Standalone, audio settings optional?

hi everyone,
i am in doubt about that point, lets see in detail…

i am building an effect plugin that simply input a stereo (2ch.) and has 2 stereo outputs (4ch.)…this has also a selector to get the input channel from the DAW as well as its outputs channels to it. this selector shows a list of available channels to go with… nothing fancy here !

my question now… if i do want to get a standalone version of it, without DAW. how can i get directly the in/out list of the soundcard ports, as i got the DAW channels list for the plugin version, without building an other app ?

i am a bit confusing on that topic as it appears to be very different context and audio settings…
hope i am clear enough ! thanks

have a nice day

Juce has an option to build a stand alone application from a plugin project. (Which should be enabled by default in the Projucer audio plugin project template, but maybe you have checked that out initially when starting your plugin project?)

thanks Xenakios, i do this, but i have seen that it is not obvious that the plugin works the same way as the standalone
e.g: in the plugin, i dont need a soundcard selection, BUT in the standalone, i really need it !so this is why i am asking… if it doesnt work the same way, how can it be produce side by side ?
i am only seeing here that i would need to build 2 separate projects and codes

Doesn’t your stand alone app plugin show the “Options” button on the top left of the application window? That’s where the user can choose the device and settings…

yes, any of my standalone plugin get this options panel, and thats great… but:

  • in the vst plugin, i have a menu to show up the list of available DAW channels
  • in the standalone, want/need to have the list of available ports from the soundcard ! otherwise it will not output any sound… and it will look for channels that doesnt exist

i may be wrong thinking like that, and you can heavily correct me !
but in this case, i dont see the point of compiling both vst and standalone as it cannot work the same way… but like i said, if i am wrong, just let me know, please

OK, that should be possible to do but can be quite a hassle because you would need to have a custom application wrapper for the plugin. (In order to get access to the AudioDeviceManager instance etc…) Juce does allow doing that but I don’t think there’s any example code of that around.