VST3 and pitch wheel / pitch bend

Right now, juce’s VST3 hosting support doesn’t appear to support pitch bend or mod wheel out of the box. For example, load up the demo host, add sample tank VST3, wire it up – pitch bend and mod wheel don’t work.

I saw a thread here, VST3 Host - mapping MIDI CC to params, but it requires modifying the VST3Pluginformat.

Is there a plan to integrate something like this into juce? Or has it already been done and SampleTank3 is just buggy?

I tested a few more plugins, it’s not just SampleTank. Any plan to support pitch bend in VST3 hosting?


I’m currently looking at this. I will update this post when I have some findings.

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Support for this is now on develop with commit 55b92b8. Please give it a test run!


Works now, thank you very much.