VST3 Audio Busses and Channels

Does anyone know what the (practical) limitations are in terms of output busses/channels for VST3 plugins?

I remember reading somewhere that the VST3 spec supports an awful lot of busses/channels but I can’t seems to find the exact numbers anywhere.

Also, I wonder if there are any DAW specific limitations that need to be taken into account? I have yet to see Ableton Live instantiate a plugin with more than 16 stereo outs…

In this old and deprecated topic, there is some of that knowledge at the end of the first post made by @fabian, is that what you remember having read?

Also, I think it would be a good idea to also copy what still holds of that information to the documentation of the AudioProcessor class, perhaps in the constructor that takes the BusesProperties arguments? @ed95

Did you intend to link to a previous forum post? I can’t see which topic you meant.

I’m very sorry, I meant to link this other topic (also updated in my previous post):

Thanks for the links, @yfede

I’m a bit confused about which information is current though, and I still have no idea what the practical limitations for VST3 plugins are in terms of output busses and channels.

What I’m mostly interested in knowing is how many stereo outs can a VST3 (synth) plugin can have? And how about AUv3?

My VST3 plugin totally ignores the multi-output selection. :frowning:

Any news on how to setup multi-out on VST3?