.vst3 file is treated as a folder by mac

Im currently automating my building process in github actions to the point of a signed installer, but after building, signing the .vst3, zipping and unzipping, Im not able to move my pluginname.vst3 file.
Workflow step:

- name: Unzip VST3 ${{ env.PROJECT_NAME }}
      working-directory: install/macOS
      run: |
        unzip ${{ env.PROJECT_NAME }}-macOS-12-VST3
        du -a . #just for debugging
        mv -f -v ${{ env.PROJECT_NAME }}_artefacts/${{ env.BUILD_TYPE }}/VST3/${{ env.PROJECT_NAME }}.vst3 .

Error message:

mv: rename GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3 to ./GainAim.vst3: Not a directory

Im assuming that mac treats my .vst3 file now as a folder for some reason. Removing the .vst3 ending is not an option since I would have to add it later again with the same command.

Uhm, afaik the VST3 standard specifies that VST3 plugins should be a bundle folder by default, so what you are seeing here is totally expected, as the .vst3 is an actual folder, containing some data along with the binary.

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thats important to know thank you!
Any ideas for other reasons the last command in the shown actions step? The bug is not reproducable locally.
Here is the the full log:

Archive:  GainAim-macOS-12-VST3.zip
   creating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/
   creating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/
   creating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/
   creating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/_CodeSignature/
  inflating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/_CodeSignature/CodeResources  
   creating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/MacOS/
  inflating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/MacOS/GainAim  
  inflating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/Info.plist  
  inflating: GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/PkgInfo  
112	./project.pkgproj
8	./GainAim.vst3
8	./GainAim.component
8	./postPresetScript.sh
24	./pkg_unsigned.pkg
11304	./GainAim-macOS-12-VST3.zip
8	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/_CodeSignature/CodeResources
8	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/_CodeSignature
25248	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/MacOS/GainAim
25248	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/MacOS
8	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/Info.plist
8	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents/PkgInfo
25272	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3/Contents
25272	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3
25272	./GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3
25272	./GainAim_artefacts/Release
25272	./GainAim_artefacts
36736	.
mv: rename GainAim_artefacts/Release/VST3/GainAim.vst3 to ../macOS/GainAim.vst3: Not a directory
Error: Process completed with exit code 1.