VST3 Host doesn't load the VST3 Debug plugin but loads the Release


on my MacBook I’ve downloaded the latest Juce library (6.1.6). I’am trying to run the simple Projucer prepared plugin fox Xcode with Ableton Live 11 (and Studio One 4) in Debug mode. But Ableton (and Studio One) is not loading it in Debug, only in Release configuration. I’ve tried changing the pbxproj file to make Debug part look similar to Release, but no luck so far. Only when I change the Build Configuration in Xcode to Release, Ableton loads the plugin. The interesting part is that Juce AudioPluginHost loads both Debug and Release versions. I’am lost here. Maybe anybody have faced the same problem?

UPD: This script could be the answer. Simple Utility Script for allowing debug of hardened macOS apps. · GitHub