VST3 on Patchwork - resizing issue

Hi everybody,

Has anyone succeeded in making resizing work in Blue Cat’s Patchwork with VST3?

It does this weird thing where the editor’s origin point moves vertically when you resize the plugin.
Also, the right side of the UI gets cut off at some point.

You can reproduce it by starting the default Basic Plug-in project from Projucer and just adding

setResizeLimits (400, 200, 1024, 700);
setResizable (true, true);
setSize (400, 300);

in the Editor’s constructor.

It’s a VST3-only problem, AU works fine.
Tested on:
macOS Big Sur
XCode 12.5
Patchwork 2.52
Juce v6.1.5

This appears to be a bug in Patchwork itself, but we already have workaround for similar issues in Live and Bitwig, so I’ve done something similar for Patchwork too:

please report this to bluecat audio as well. they had similiar issues with plug n script lately and it might be helpful