VST3 Wrapper donation


Hi Jules,

I know that there are many people out there waiting for a VST3 wrapper.
I also know that your time is very limited and as we all know time is money…

So what about making a call how much would be an acceptable amount to compensate for your time?
There’s nobody with the same knowledge of JUCE as you, so I’m pretty sure in the end it is much cheaper for everyone interested in a VST3 wrapper to donate some money instead of spending a lot of their time (which is money, too) on implementing their own wrapper.

If we can get together enough money that you say it’s worth taking the job, then maybe this could be a starting point for taking all of the wrappers to the next level.
There are many people who extended the functionality of the existing wrappers but these additional features never made it in to the official juce version. I’d love to see all those features beeing integrated into the official juce.
For example I could offer:

  • Sidechain inputs for AAX, RTAS, AU
  • Multiple busses for AU

But this would be the next step. Let’s start with your estimate on a VST3 wrapper (if there is any time in your schedule at all).



Good initiative, I’m totally with you.


It’d just be frustrating to be offered money, because I’ve no time to do this at the moment! A better way to do it from my point of view would be if you wanted to hire someone to do the majority of the development + testing, and let me sanity-check and merge it, which would presumably be quite quick for me to do…


Damn, too bad.
Well, if I can’t get the best, then I’ll rather do it myself instead of asking anyone else. The problem isn’t that I couldn’t write a wrapper, it’s just that it will probably take me five times as long as you…
I’ll see what I can do if I find some free time slots in the next months.
I’ll let you know.


If there’s a reasonable chance that this would be done by someone, I’d pitch in.