VSTi midi out

Hi. Brand new here…

I currently run Groove Agent 2, wrapped with the FXpansion RTAS wrapper in protools. The Groove Agent VSTi has a midi out, which apparently cubase knows how to pick up, but some other vst hosts lose. I haven’t really done my homework but apparently it’s some grey area in the API. Anyway, it certainly gets lost in the RTAS wrapper.

I really want to be able to select a midi out device for a VSTi while I’m running it in protools. Juce looked pretty cool and I was thinking about writing an rtas vsti wrapper that captures the MIDI out and lets me route it.

But my question is, do I need to do this? Does anyone know of another solution already developed?


Nice idea, and it wouldn’t be too hard, but there’s a couple of minor problems… For a start, I don’t think PT can actually accept midi from an RTAS at all. And secondly, if you sign the digi developer’s license, it specifically forbids you from writing a vst wrapper!

Hi, thanks for the reply. Glad to hear that Juce would make this easy.

I was thinking of just allowing the user to select a global midi out device. So you could select a software midi patch cable (or it might be more elegant to have the VSTi be automatically loaded as a globally-accessible MIDI device). Then you would just select the device as a MIDI-in on a MIDI track in PT. This instead of coming in through the RTAS API. Is this too hard (or just stupid for some reason)?

About the license, I am just a hack programmer thinking of doing this as an individual for my own private use. Are you telling me I would be in legal trouble if I wrote it and released it for free? Or only if I were developing it for a company selling it?

btw here’s a thread of others discussing the same issue, but for Logic, not PT: http://community.sonikmatter.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=18496

Oh, I see. Well yes, you could do it that way. Trouble is that to compile an RTAS, you need the SDK, and to get that, you need to sign up with digidesign.

Ah, I see. What about writing a VST wrapper with a MIDI out that loads a VSTi then wrapping it (again) “legally” with FXspansion? FXspansion is a little picky about what it will wrap–how hard do you think it would be get that to work? Am I just totally out in lala land here?

well yes, I guess you could do that. It’s a lot of layers though!

if GrooveAgent can assign a MIDI Out to a hardware device just go to http://www.midiox.com download MidiYoke and use that as a virtual device.

on MAC those virtual midi devices are created in the control panel.